About Bravo Passenger Solutions

Bravo recently acquired (3 May 2014) the Mercator Asia business and the Avantik product line from dnata.  The Bravo team is excited to combine the breadth of experience of Bravo management and leadership with the team that crafted the potent airline PSS solution that is Avantik.  This is an organisation made up of airline industry and supplier executives as well as technology experts whose only focus is driving value for our airline customers.  
Several things set Bravo apart from its competitors:

Significant industry expertise

Our leadership all have experience managing airlines from CEO throughout the organisation.  This enables an empathetic view of the market, and a vision that is driven by a commitment to customer support.

Customer Support

Many providers struggle to deliver strong customer support.  Our vision, goal and drive is to be unequaled in our provision of customer support.  We recognize that we supply a service to our customers that they use as their storefront, revenue source, information source, and business development solution.  Our customers must be successful for us to be successful.

Strong core product 

There are a lot of PSS systems in the market.  Given the range of experience the newly combined team brings, we firmly believe that our solution is the solution to build on. Our core strength gives our customers, and future customers key components they can use to build their businesses.  

There are more, but we think these are the most important to share – send us an email (solutions@bravo.aero) to learn more. We are always happy to share our views and visions.
Our head office is located at: 218 Orchard Road #06-01 Orchard Gateway @ Emerald  238851 Singapore
Telephone No.: +65 6809 7631  Fax No.: +65 6804 7701

Prague Office: Namesti IP Pavlova 5 120 00 Prague 2 Czech Republic
Telephone No.: +420 226 230 655, Fax: +420 226 230 800